I am passionate about giving back to my community and encouraging the next generation of scientists, as such I am always looking for outreach opportunities, whether that looks like public talks, going into classrooms or organizing community STEM activities. I am patricularly interested in opportunities that can reach a diverse audience as it is a well known issue that the demographics of scientists do not reflect the population of the world.

Recent Events:

Carnegie Astronomy Lecture Series at the Huntington Botanical Gardens and Library.
May 8th 2023 \

A Century of Distance Measures

100 years ago Carnegie astronomer Edwin Hubble made a discovery from Mount Wilson that would change how we think of our place in the universe forever. The discovery of a variable star in the Andromeda galaxy allowed Hubble to establish conclusively that Andromeda is indeed a separate galaxy from the Milky Way. Join me as I discuss the history of astronomical distance measures, how we use them to map the universe, and open mysteries that puzzle us today.

Past Events:

Interview with KPOO Radio, San Francisico as a Wonderfest Science Ambassador
March 2020

We discuss science, supernovae, and women in STEM.

Astronomy on Tap, Pasadena CA
Stars that Go Boom in the Night (A Spooky Halloween Themed Astro on Tap)
October 2022 Huntington Talk

Classroom Activities:

One of the best ways we can reach our communities is by participating with the local school systems. I enjoy hands on exercises that put the demonstrations directly into the hands of the kids. My outreach with the community has come in many forms, from working with the NYPD to organize an egg drop when I was an undergraduate at NYU, to teaching in classroom science lessons with the Bay Area Scientists in Schools program.

My current favorite activity to do with kids is a lesson on the electromagnetic spectrum, involving a portable IR camera, that I helped to developed with the Carnegie outreach and educations staff. This lesson is adaptable to all school age groups, and at the end of the day kids get to take home a infrared selfie.

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